Top 10 Antivirus Software

1 Avast
3 Avira
5 Kaspersky
6 Norton
7 Panda Security
8 McAfee
9 Trend Micro
10 ZoneAlarm


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How To Speed Up Your PC By Removing,disabling Certain Software

Copyright 2006 Otis Cooper

Talk about one of life's most annoying experiences,well almost.A computer with the "Blahs" makes anyone's computing frustrating to say the least.

You'll certainly want to learn and do all you can to both rid your computer of all that's causing it to perform less than it should.

Removing certain software applications that start at bootup and continue to run during operation increases your system performance.

Before you perform software removal on your system, its always best to backup your hard drive or at least all files you consider critical.

To quickly relieve your computer of a very slow bootup process is to remove all those programs that run during startup that you most likely never use in the first place.

One way to slim down the programs that run during startup is by using such third party utilities such as Winpatrol at This utilty will show which program is running in Windows amd in Enternet Explorer.

Another way tois to go online and visit PC PitStop which have some awesome scan,registry,and other utilties.Some of these utilities are trial versions of third party software

But most utilties on this visit is free and should be a great help when it comes to improving performance. Visit now by going to

Dom't want to spend money on third party software, no problem.Windows System Configuration is a free utility within Windows that can remove programs from your Registry,shortcuts to your start menu,and your autoexec.bat file.

To start this utility,click on Start,Run and type in the name "msconfig" in the open field.After clicking OKAY, the utility will launch.

To prevent a prgram from starting up,you clear the check box next to it,click OK,and you will have to reboot for the change to takd effect.

Windows has services that may be running at startup which will cause slow bootup time.You can save both time and memory by stopping these services if you don't need them.

To open the services console,right click My Computer, and select Manage.When the management console opens,in the left pane double click Services And Applications.You can also click the plus sign next to it.This will expand the item and show the services.

The services listed as started are the ones that runs at startup.Automatic means that the services runs each time the system boots up.Manual means that the service may be started should Windows need that service.

Be certain to stop and take the time to carefully check the services running on your system.Disabling a service that windows need could cause problems however.

Go to to see a helpful list of Microsoft services along with detailed information to help you decide which service you can safely disable.

If you play games on your system you may consider turning off services that improve the performance of the computer.Turning off these services when not playing games should boot the system's speed.


You can use download batch files that will turn these services off and on all at once.Such services as Windows Automatic Updates and Anti Virus utilitiy can be turned off and on when desired.

Stopservices.cmd is a batch file that turns your services off while Startservices will turn them back on again.Its that simple for you to give it a try to see if your computer's performance is noticable.

You can download Stop and Startservices.cmd at the PC World site at and give each file a try.Note that rebooting your computer will also return the services back to their normal state.

You can customize each file by right-clicking the file and selecing the Edit menu command. To run the files, move them into your C:WindowsSystem32 folder, then click Start, Run, and type either stopservices or startservices, depending on what you want to do.

Keep in mind that it is time consuming when any computer boots no matter how much disabling and removing you do.Learning how to tweak your computer will help you learn that much more about your computer.

And more importantly,you can share this knowledge you gained with your friends and be known as an expert in the computer field.

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