Top 10 Antivirus Software

1 Avast
3 Avira
5 Kaspersky
6 Norton
7 Panda Security
8 McAfee
9 Trend Micro
10 ZoneAlarm


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Spyware Protection For Dummies

Spyware is software that is installed onto your computer without your knowledge. Everyone that accesses the internet is at risk but you can protect yourself using spyware protection.

Spyware software installs on your computer and then reports back to its owner on your internet activities. These spyware programs can prove to be potentially dangerous and some come in the form of keyloggers which will actually record all the keystrokes you make on your computer, this can include personal details, passwords, and even bank details. In order to prevent this from happening you need to install a spyware removal tool onto your computer. A spyware blocker will stop spyware from being installed on your computer and will also alert you of any potentially dangerous websites if you go to access them.

Spyware removal software is available as both free spyware software and paid spyware software. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but having a spyware blocker installed on your computer is definitely a necessity if you intend to access the internet.

How to Recognize Spyware

If you suddenly notice a change in your computer, for example pop up advertisements suddenly appearing, your internet home page changing unexpectedly, or maybe your computer is just running very slowly, then you may have been infected by spyware software.

Spyware protection is vital if you use the internet and some of the spyware blocker software will allow you to scan your computer and remove these programs. Other spyware blocker software will run in the background of your computer and prevent spyware software from being installed.

If you suspect that your computer may be infected with spyware software, you will need to install a spyware removal tool immediately to help prevent any further damage taking place. Remember it's not just your computer at risk, with spyware it can also be your personal details and passwords.
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